MetrO 1.0.1

Public transportation maps for more than 400 cities


  • Optimal route planning system
  • Transportation routes for over 400 cities
  • Some cities have very detailed subway routes


  • No inter-city routes
  • Sometimes directions can be confusing


MetrO is an urban transportation guide for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Perfect for anyone who travels a lot or gets lost in unfamiliar places, MetrO is a competent app that contains to and from directions on a number subway systems in the world's most popular cities. Just type in the name of your starting and ending points, and MetrO will give you directions on the nearest public transportation systems. There is also a version available for Windows Mobile and Symbian users.

It's really simple to choose directions with MetrO. The metro systems are listed by line and often have individual stops nested within lines to get you even closer to your exact destination point.

In addition to subway stations and bus stops, MetrO has references to street names and even popular tourist attractions for sightseeing purposes. You can also search by location and street name, making the list of locations in the MetrO database quite varied.

MetrO is also constantly being updated, so the database for each city never gets outdated. There's really no excuse for accidentally getting lost with this app in hand. The only real frustration that comes from this app is that sometimes the directions are relatively vague. There are times when it will tell you how to get to a bus line but not tell you the number, letter, or name on the bus, which might cause some confusion. Other cities that have pretty famous metro lines only have street and traditional public transportation by bus directions, which can make them a little unhelpful if you'd rather take the subway.

Frequent travelers would be well-advised not to leave home without MetrO installed on their mobile device.



MetrO 1.0.1

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